Saturday, January 31, 2009

don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret

i have to pee.
something is wrong. websites aren't working properly for me...but i can't be bothered to restart my computer to see if it helps.
i think when i floss..i taste it..and it makes my stomach hurt.
maybe i'm just hungry.
i got home at like 430am. i was seriously about to pass out on the couch. but yeah.
met natalia she seems cool.
shady shit.
when i left the apartment i like walked in the wrong direction and got so confused...well i took two steps and realized i didn't recongize anything so i turned around and then i was like duh!
there was a creeper in the trees..i got scared.
i got the money.
i want more money.
i want baseball tees - red, black and yellow and blue and idk. whatever else they make. oh purple.
i can't believe it's almost time to see Cash Cash again.
i have some illustrations to do for fashion.
i have papers to write
and readings to do.
but of course i'm doing any of that.
i'm waiting for someone to IM me or text me wanting to hang out.
i think i AM hungry.
i want coffee.
hella. ugh.
text me.
i get excited when people talk abotu twilight.
usually its not on my mind TOO much.
i think all my obsessions are slowly dying.
"i want a boy to pursue me"
theres a cassette tape on my floor i wonder what it plays.
i think it might be from french.
i'm obsessed with bobby pins
i want scene girls hair.
like that massive poof shit.
new moon needs to be out now.
i feel uncomfortable

Thursday, January 29, 2009

i lose sight of common goals

you did it again mother fraction!.
whatever i'm not even mad.
actually i'm excited natalia is maybe probably going with me to dallas so i won't be alone.
and she might do the whole family road trip with me.
we should probably see how frisco goes but i'm sure i'll fucking love her.

i fucked up my hair today. but i like it.
i want to go to the mall in an hour but idk if it will happen.
i have hella fucking sketches to do that i haven't even started and that's the only thing bugging me now.
my art history book came in so i was super happy..not because i hella wanted it but mostly because i didn't want to go to the library and have to look at it and make copies because that would mean i have to get an ID which i don't have.

ive decided..i'll add hella bands if they request me and if they have sick ass music i'll promote them and even more if they're the shit and talk to fans and aren't big headed and have no time for it.

okay so i get most big bands have no time but i mean c'mon once in a blue moon. but whatever. i don't even really care...really.

oh apparently hector took out his dreads..idk why i'm telling you. you don't care. oh and katie is sick..another thing you don't care about. hahaha.
oh yeah and cash cash isn't stuck in Wyoming anymore and they're hoping to make it to Illinois cause they're not doing Iowa. lame.
as long as they can get to San Diego it's all good in the hood. or whatever.

today in psyc one guy called breasts - the dairy faucets and a girl called a penis pinoccio but what makes it funnier is that she said it it was supposed to be a spanish word..everyone laughed.. that class is weird. but. at least it's entertaining.

i have like 2 or 3 papers to turn in next week which i could be working on but i'm not.
this wasn't really full of anything with purpose.

oh drew's going to San Diego so cool. [:

get your ticket.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Straight outta sac town, no we never back down

so today was strange.
like i added about eleven or so people on MySpace..mostly bands that found me.
that never happened before.
well..never on my old account.
i got off of work an hour earlier than usual.
i kind of ran put of things to do.
mostly i texted Katie about some dream i had about her and her "boyfriend".
i want to make it a point to be known.
i want these new "friends" to talk to me. because i don't even talk to the people i actually know.
on another note i got invited to go to San Fransisco after I go to San Diego.
It's gonna set me back like $60 or so but i might just go. Or i'll do the $45 thing. or idk. fuck i don't know how much it costs anymore. since it's a two day thing...don't ask i'm rambling.

i'm sorry jonas brothers..i just dont care anymore
okay that's a lie...i just haven't seen them in forever. i never feel the need to be updated with their lives.

fuckity fuck fuck fuck. hi i stress myself out. i need money. like seriously. why am i even considering spending money i don't have. this is ridiculous. i need to like. i don't know. like be a hermit or something.

i have some shit to do but i'll do a survey first ugh.
today started off soo well and weird.

but idk.
i stress too much.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the insequirites* caused by the last four years

*i'm pretty sure i spelled insecurities wrong
idk firefox isn't telling me the correct spelling and i'm far too lazy to check

what's keeping me up?
i already bought my cashcash ticket so i'm going with or without people.
i'm enrolled in my History class and i got the book in the mail today.
i have my yoga stuff
there isn't anything that should bug me but alas there is:
i've annoyed someone to the point of no return which had left me in a state of embarassment and regret. can't i keep my mouth shut? maybe he'll forget. i hope he's drunk right now...or something. or i hope he thinks i'm cool and not a creeper.even though i am...
i need to get on those sketches that are due friday.i fail at them though it's hard. i feel pressured and i've only been to one class!
my arthistory book hasn't arrived and i don't want to go to the library and look stuff up..but i'm not doing homework.
and i have papers to write for psychology and history and stuff ot read but alas those aren't getting touched either.
i'm at the point where i don't care who goes or doesn't go to san diego.
i'd love to have my friends there but i admit i'm weird. but then i'd be a bitch cause i'd be like we're not leaving til i fucking talk to them again. i'm such a freak when it comes to shows. i feel bad i made Drew wait forever and a half for Minus The Bear but that night was awesome.

My shoulder hurts i feel liek doing yoga but i'm tired. i just can't bring myself to sleep.
my mom has a doctor's appointment. i don't know what they're going to tell her..i hope it's not bad news. but it's way to personal for this blog so don't even ask. it's not my right to tell anyways.

today drew told me that if i told him a secret and i told him not to tell, he wouldnt...i kind of hate that it implies if i tell him something and don't tell him not to tell..he has permission to tell. but of course he's not the only one. a large majority of my friends have like lost my trust. i mean sure i'll tell them things...but i don't know i guess i figure theres somethings people don't need to hear about because it doesn't concern them. whatever..i'm not too upset about that
but my shoulder IS killing me.

why is it that i depend so much on someone that lives across the country from me? she knows everything..well okay not EVERYTHING but most things going on that i refuse to tell people closest to me...i guess it comforts me that if she even tells someoen they don't know me so if they judge me i wouldn't even know. but it's not like i'm a hot topic..unless i say something funny and someone is in her room with her.

all i listen to is TITTF now. i wanna know every song by heart..which shouldn't be too difficult to do.

i have to use the banos. but i wont cause i'll forget and then change and crawl into bed and forget then wonder why i have to pee so badly in the morning.

work tomorrow. how boring.
my coworker invited to me to go to punchline with them someitme to see some comedian i've never heard of from show i've never heard of but apparently is funny as fuck. so w/e idk maybe.
i have no money and yet i spend and spend.

i want to go to the mall with my mom and make her buy me clothes
cause i doubt my dad would. ugh

drew referred this guy to me. or me to this guy idk u figure it out

Monday, January 26, 2009

ABC easy as 123

A] I was tagged:

1. Put your iPod/​iTune​s on shuff​le.​
2. For each quest​ion,​ press​ the next butto​n to get your answe​r.

just like you -miley

S.O.S- jonas

welcome to the black parade -mcr

i'm waking up to us - belle & sebastian

mr. therapy man - justin nozuka

shatterd glass- britney spears

the con- tegan & sara


emergency - paramore

what light - wilco

I do (cherish you) - 98 degrees

go go go - the 88

my favorite girl - nkotb

touchdown turnaround -hellogoodbye

father of mine - everclear

the anthem- gc

losing my ground - fergie

take a ride - bullets and romance

hey jude - the beatles

until you loved me - the moffats

our time is here - lovato, martin

home in the woods - cory chisel

out from under - britney spears

all the young dudes - mott the hoople

tainted love - marylin manson

it wasn't enough -gc

ok, so if you read this i tag you,

TAG: Karli cause drew already did it and no one reads this

B] Blog...well i don't know all i've done the past few days is fall in love with CASH CASH..steal Samuel's artwork and put it on most of my pages like TWITTER, MYSPACE and okay I actually think that's it.
So I wanted to go to San Diego in February and I got the go ahead from my mother. so I'm missing at least 1 day of school But no seriously, I'm really excited to go. It's been 4 days since I've seen them and I can't get them out of my head. I don't want this mini weekend trip to be a stress enducer... a friend of mine..the one that "really wants to see [me]" said he might want to go with me and it could be a good idea...whatever the hell that means. But Drew also said he wanted to's up to them to buy their tickets. If they both go...idk..but Drew will have to ask Katie and I'll have to ask Katie if my friend can stay if he decides to go. But we can deal with that later. I like want to buy my ticket now. But idk i'll wait a lil. I'm not sure how i'll et there: I'll either Drive or Fly. we'll see....ok ok so in part C i'll share some photos with you of the bands I say on the 22nd of January 2009. It's i don't know what's weird..i actualyl just forgot. Oh so i decided..I'm having a family dinner on my actual birthday..maybe a couple friends will join but idk...I'm not dying to have a party I'm happy with my sewing machine and I don't really want a party I'd rather just get money so I can get some things I wanted online..i think i can't listen to Party in Your Bedroom too much because everytime it starts i think my phone is ringing...I want a baseball tee.. like a black sleeved one and maybe a green one or a blue one. or red idk..but i want some..and i want some Tripp Jeans. and I want all these clothes cause I don't really have any left. My hand is freezing cold. I'm scared I'm not going to do well in Fashion..because i can't draw..and my drawings are pure crap i HATE them. ugh. i have 2 papers to write that are due tomorrow and I haven't started yay for BULLSHITTTTTEDD answers...that will be like a few hours. I went to the dentist today..and the novacain has worn's not too bad it's just irritating. and annoying...but whatever I'll get over it. I listened to some HANK GREEN, NEVRSHOUTNEVER and CASHCASH about 2 or 3x in he 1 1/2 hr appointment I wasn't too bad i almost fell asleep a few times. ok ok enough of this

Sunday, January 25, 2009

And your piercing eyes staring straight at me


229.9 MB..that's how much space i have left on my ipod nano.
3.43 GB is the amount of audio on it..
and 30.1 is "other"
I don't know how many songs I have on my ipod..and i'm too lazy to figure it out.
I used to have a lot to say..
but i guess I'm being all secretive.
I hope San Diego happens.
Although i Shouldn't spend money
But i want to see them again.
I don't wan tot go alone.
But everyone well the two people that said they'd go...
well i would want them both there..but it'd be awkward with both of them and i in the of them would drop out. ugh. lame. okay. i'm not talking about it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

so i can taste you on my tounge

hey guys,
so i kind of hate how there was that one day where i didn't blog so the number of blogs don't match the day. i'm so OCD about that.

my edward is getting destroyed...i hate it.
he falls like all the time. i'm like seriously..stand up.

okay so i made plans for friday,
incase my previous plans fall through.
which i'm sure they will because
well people are just FLAKES.

I went to work today and we ate at the Hefe Weisen place..or w/e its called by Crest Theatre. I had pizza twists, but i couldn't help but smell the beer everyone else was drinking.

So then it's like everyone goes back to work buzzed except my boss and I. lol j/k they like just had 1 beer but whatever.

But i am NOT looking forward to school tomorrow.
I mean YAY i got into all my classes and stuff so no awkward breaks but still..idk..

I hope it gets more fun.


I'm not even sure if i have hw or not..or like reading..i only have like 2 books. and i don't think i have reading from either book..maybe psyc. okay i don't really know i should pull out my syllabus.

but this...about my first day of school

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

damn what's not to adore

i'm glad i just got three free tracks,
i'm happy i got an edward blanket at hot topic for $20 and NOT $100+ on ebay,
i'm pleased i got into my history class, so i'm a full time student.

congrats to our 44th president.
i have a new video uploading on YouTube... i talk about my day...
so it's kind of pointless to talk about.

you make me happy.
i want kevin to come back.
even though he's with someone now.

i wanted to go to boardwalk on thursday but i'm broke and no one wants to go i guess so i'll just get the cd another day when i go back to arden...

ok ok enough i'm distracted

Monday, January 19, 2009

If they all think I'm not good enough

shiny and new... i want something that can be described as so...
but whatever i don't really.

so i never got into the live chat yesterday but i refused to get up for like 4 hours from my seat and when i finally did i kept tripping or falling or stubbing my was NOT FUN.

i'm such a cry baby.

I went to old sac today..
and saw Karli.
Apparently Drew was there since he took her to work and all..but that's besides the point.

So of course the usual suspects texted me...
and then the not so usual.
i admit it's sort of refreshing.
the whole
"let's hang out" and the whole we can be friends and have it not be retarded idea is nice.
i'm going to try and not get my hopes up. because it seems as though whenever
i try to make plans with people someone always flakes.
let's have this upcoming plan not have the same out come alright?

i admit sometimes i'm the "busy bee" and i opt out of seeing certain people.

I hate how awkward encounters can be. i wish everyone was just comfortable with everybody..but i don't think that's going to happen.

you know what?
you know the Girl Rule:
you never date your friends Ex or the guy she liked?

wtf is up with that,
i can't help that i have such slutty friends that have slept with, dated, made out with, liked,etc; every guy i know. it's ridiculous.
it's probably safe to say i'll never find anyone as long as my friends keep their holes open.

wow i sound bitter.
i need a chill lozenge.



oh and drew ily cuz ur my twin
and karli ily cuz ur awesomer than your brother and one of these days we need to window shop

Sunday, January 18, 2009

i'm livin life day to day

I was thinking,
maybe i should just quit The Daily Vloggers...
I confess...
i'm kind of over it.
YouTube has lost it's appeal and with school starting...
it's not going to be fun having to do a vlog every week.
I've sort of enjoyed the past few weeks
that I've been slacking.

Mean Girls is on.

Some sara Paxton movie is on eye itches..before 2 i want my room done.
I'm having a baby and that is NO fun.
I figure if i don't get into the main room..i'll just deal with it and i'll occupy my time with other stuff.
I finally got my chocolate chip muffin..I've been craving one for about 2 weeks or so now.

So this guy, let's call him Nigel, he decided to open up to me about his relationship issues, apparently Chelsea dumped him in their non exclusive relationship. I wasn't sure if he was looking for comfort or what..i just don't know how to deal with him.
I can't make his pain go away...and usually..when people have relationship's girls asking for advice..being as how i don't know what kind of girl Chelsea is, I can't help him out. I don't know how a girl like her thinks. I don't know the entire situation, and i don't think Nigel wants to open up about it.
I tried reading Eclipse for the 2nd time, but as much as i hated New Moon, i need to re-read that before i try and tackle Eclipse. But i need kimberly to finish so i can get back to it.

I guess i've lost my craving to's dying i still have many books on my list to read but nothing is capturing me..maybe if i [i cannot] drop classes this semester i'll free up some time.

My body hurts. it's in pain but i'll endure it.
I've been excited for today for days now and now that it has finally come..i must seems..boring.

Should I lie and say it didn't make me happy Nigel thought i could help him? whatever.
I just want to be friends.
Is that so hard to ask for?
Oh and another thing..i don't like when boys ask me to "hang out" or say things like "i want to see you."
because to a boy that doesn't say things like that it could just be like "Geeze alana, he just wants to hang out you're overreacting"
but to a girl whose been told things like that it's like "what the hell is that supposed to mean? what is he saying?"

i wish everyone could just know everything and nothing at the same time.
i'm just not open to judgemental conversations so i'll leave it at that.

OMG Get A Clue is on!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

just leave it all to me

So tomorrow, I will most definitley not be in the socializing mood starting at 2PM or earlier...because like all the other stupid, crazy, obsessive fans - i will be on justin trying to get to know the boys a little better.

I don't really have much to update on...
in my mind:
boys are still stupid
relationships are still bogus
the twilight series is the bees knees
i'm a packrat that can't get rid of anything
people should give me money for no reason
boys purposely toy with your feelings and mind for kicks

I've been in the process of cleanign my room all week..well FOREVER actually,
i was supposed to have this all done at the beggining of winter break but i got sick
and more excuses started to pour in.
I'm happy to announce that I just have a wee bit more organizing to do and a small-ish corner of my room to tackle with a broom and then..
maybe i'll be done.

I'm still taking Jonas posters down,
so i can put some Twilight posters up and some of my newer Jonas posters i've collected.

I'd also like to restart the whole having other celebs on my walls liek i had before.

I remember i had a small THE OC section, a SMALL Joe section, and a scatter of pictures of my friends around my room. I also want to put up some art work and maybe more lighting because to me my room is just too dark and i want a little more lighting for reading purposes, so i don't need to have my ceiling fan light on all night.
I need DVD boxes or racks cause there are stacks on my floor
My book shelves need some serious re-alphabatizing or w/e
and yeah
but my bed is cleared off and my desk that my latptop is SUPPOSED to be on is cleared off..with a stack of magazines on top..

but i need to go through all of my mags
to see which ones i can toss and such

my left arm/wrist is beginning to cramp up so i think i'll watch Twilight for the 2nd time today

i got to have a small 3 mintue chat with Michael Aranda..that was fun.

and i talked to some boy from could be good. like idk i might want to learn more about Africa...theres a few small docs i want to see about it..maybe i could get some insight from him..if i ever decide to talk to him again.

we'll see.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

like a hard candy, with a surprise center

i find it annoying yet comforting at the same time, that only one person reads this blog.
he may not even read it every day..perhaps only when something captures his attention.
part of me wants others to join in and read my banter
while another part of me appreciates the fact that i don't have strangers lurking around this
finding out deep dark secrets, i've yet to divulge into...if i even have any.

it has come to my attention that many people are already talking to one another as if Winter Break is over, IT'S NOT PEOPLE! we have a week left...or so...which reminds me...i haven't gotten my books yet. or my parking pass...or my ID. damnit.

anyways back to what i was trying to say,
i've realized that people are alreayd making plans to hang out during the school year,
i've hardly had a social winter break.
i just don't see the point of seeing people.
they're just empty conversations-not that i'm looking for a deep conversation; judgemental evaluations of one another, or 2 hours of wasting money and time one people you don't even connect with.

sure, i don't need to be friends with everyone and I certainly do not look for a BEST FRIEND in everyone i come across in life,
i feel that the best friends i do have in my life are enough,
but is it so much to ask for just a little more compassion when you start a friendship with someone new?

i cannot stand when people try to be casual friends and then they want to be beter friends and decide to flip flop between the two. it makes my head spin.

i feel that even though people say "oh thye can talk shit about me and i can talk shit about them because we're best friends" - myself included, we don't really mean it. at least i don't. i know i'm rude, and i could ease up a bit- but i probably won't - so i don't really have a right to even bring this up but - i guess what i'm trying to say is i don't need any more best friends because i have enough people telling me bull shit i could care less about- the horrible decisions i've made and how bad of a person i am- that i don;t need another bff.
don't get me wrong the close friends i do have - i love to death, they understand me and although sometimes they hurt me- they've been with me through thick and thin, i can tell them the dumbest shit, which some may repeat and hurt me- they always do something ewaully as stupid it's all about pay back.

i don't know if i made any sense
i always feel that i contradict myself.

where'd it all go wrong, the list goes on and on

So I have the All- American Rejects song Gives You Hell stuck in my head,
my teeth hurt.
I went to the dentist.
I smell the novacaine.
It's wearing off.
This episode of PASS THE PLATE is dumb.
My head hurts, I'm sleepy.
I've been falling asleep wherever I go today.
I need to go to my room and clean some more.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Waited for something to come along

at work...unfortunatley..but's not THAT bad.
i feel like i'm moving really slow.
i'm tired. i was 3 mins late but w/e
i think i'm leaving early..
who knows...not me.
i LOVE when my coworkers's HILARIOUSSSS
ok i'll post more l8r

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Watchin' just to see, watchin' just to see

ohmygosh! joel mchale! lol
okay so improvement!!!
i got a new phone...the lg voyager.
it's a touch screen.
this show is weird.
i'm happy about that mail in rebate and all the credits i have
so that i got it for cheaper.
but...i don't think i'm going to berkeley. oh well...
i am soo NOT looking forward to school staring.
i ordered my two text books.
i'm tired. my head hurts.

now I toss and turn cause I'm without you

The results from yesterday...
have yet to become evident.
A little after I posted my blog yesterday,
I realized I had misplaced my cell phone. really, really annoying.
So the trip to Berkeley may or may not happen this weekend.
Needless to say, I never found it.
SO once my parents get back home, my mom and I are going to the Verizon store,
to see if I can get it replaced- I should be able to because it's in my contract-but we'll see.

Spongebob Squarepants is on...I HATE this show,
so Never Think is blasting from my computer right now.

My plans for my summer trip have also had a damper put upon them.
The meet and greet for the event I want to attend is full, there is a waiting list,
I'm wondering if it's even worth it anymore.
I mean I'll still get to see those guys but still,
Oh well...i should just take what i can get.

The version of Too Much on my MySpace is really weird cause it's hella fast and all concert like.

I thought my microphone had been fixed because
I called the Skype test line and the playback worked,
but when i went to use Quick Capture on YouTube, and my regular webcam, the sound was off...sooo LAME.

fuck shit bitch.

I hope today is a better day.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I've been spending way too long checking my tongue in the mirror

California, here we come right back
where we started from, California.

I miss The OC...
even though at the end of it was pure skat.

So todays plan was to go to
Berkeley with Kimberly to pick up
the rest of the stuff so the
new person could move into
where she was living.
idk what the plans are anymore.

We either may not go til after 5
or well just go in the morning.
The monk marathon is on...
I LOVE this show, and Psyc.
.haha...I cant believe this show is ending
after this season....soooo lame.
check my hair out
idk why it looks like that so it's really weird but whatever.
Oh and in this picture...
Kim wanted to look sad..but it didn't really come out that way

anyways I got Pineapple Express... today so it's cool.....
i get to watch that again...some time
I hate my skin it's gross. ugh.
I AM NOT looking forward to school starting, I still have to get my text books...
ugh..well theres only 2 books i NEED to get...
but then if i get into my two other classes I think there's like one or two more i need. i don't remember.
bad memory.
My mom is doing laundry...THERE's what i was planning on bringing to Santa Cruz!
geeze i thought i was going crazy becuase I couldn't find anything.

oh Kimberly borrowed my Twilight and New Moon books..ugh i Miss them. i want them back tonight or tomorrow whenever i see her...ahh i want to watch Twilight again..i want my mom to take me to the movies or something.
I wonder where R. Pattz is he hasn't graced my stalker

sites in a I'm bored lol. but i don't know how either of those relate to each other. lol makes no sense.

But it was funny... when we were visiting Nancy, Kimberly said "she's married!" and points top Nancy. and we're both like "Yess...."
So on Friday she asks her who she's married to and Nancy's like "Alana"
and Kimberly says "You bitch, you give everyone a ring, we're married too!"
and then to Nancy she says "Yeah but mine's bigger!"

Friday, January 9, 2009

Poison in the very air we breathe

Santa Cruz..was fun. I mean we didn't really do much, but it was nice to see my friend again.
We got there a little after noon on Thursday and waited an hour or so for Nancy to get out of class.
We had to drive around a while to find parking and where she lived because we kept going to the wrong place.
After we went to her place we unloaded and went to eat at Banana Joe's [damnit i forgot to take a picture of it]. I had 1/2 a sandwich, celery, and a slice of pizza and Some Strawberry Guava.
We ate and she took us on a short tour of the campus..

Now let me tell you...I AM LAZY!...i used to be able to walk fast and for fairly long periods of time..but that changes when you continuously go up and down steep hills.
Thankfully we got to ride the bus a few times before heading back to her room.

We sat in her room..talked about the people she lived with, she opened her present...and a little after 715 we ate dinner at Banana Joe's again...this time i had chicken, pad thai, and criss cut fries and Fruit Punch or w/e Kim got me to drink.

We strolled back to her room and made it back aroudn 730 or something..we were surprised how fast we were..but again..we got a bus ride.

I woke up a few times this morning when Nancy was geting ready for school so whenever i was out from onder the covers id jump on her bed and start to fall asleep and then she'd tell me i could go back to where I was...she left..idk what time maybe 830?

Then i fell back to sleep and Kim's alarm went off at 10 so i decided to get up.
Took a shower and got ready for the day.

Nancy got back a little after 12.
We went to the beach and walked around and decided next time we visit..we'd be more prepared.

Then we walked around a bit.
I bought a turtle magnet for my family.

Then we left and headed downtown.

We walked around there for a lil over an hour [kept havign to feed the parking meter]

We were going to go to a sushi bar for lunch but it was closed by 3 [when we decided we were hungry] and wasn't going to open again til 5.

So we went to a mexican place and then we left and went across the street to a pizza/pasta place.

the guy gave us the lunch special which was supposed ot end at 3pm..but he was nice.

so yeah...

after that we gased up and went back to her dorm to load up the car.

we ended up leaving around 4ish..earlier than anticipated
so we said our goodbyes and kim and i headed back on the road

she fell asleep.
i drove.
we ended up knocking 4 minutes off the estimated GPS time.

so YAY.
for goign 93 miles an hour[ apparently my fastest time lol]
when it was clear i suusally went 80

but yeah that's basically it

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

you're just a line in a song

i just said that because i typed my password in incorrectly so i had to sign in...AGAIN.

but anyways..
i'm packing. I already know what I'm wearing tomorrow, and tomorrow night, and Friday..sort of.

Turns out I wont be home Saturday because I'm going to Berkeley for IDK how long.

It's the college tour apparently.. but not really. lulz.

I'm waiting for my mom to help my brother with his homework so we can leave and fill up my gas tank with wonderful gas that will pollute the world...but get us to Santa Cruz.

I went to the bank and found out I basically have $150 to spend on food, gas, and WHATEVER kind of shenanigans we get ourselves into.

Ever notice how I continuously skip lines in my blog?
I hate how much space it takes on the page but when I type..i don't like to see the lines all close together.

I have "Name of The Game" by ABBA stuck in my head. This is getting ridiculous.
I need to make sure my iPod is all charged up so I can attempt to fall asleep with the aid of Spunk Ransom's soothing voice.

ooh that reminds me..i need to transfer things over the the old computer so I can have more songs on my nano.

ruh-roh..... Trend Micro AntiVirus says "No Internet Connection Found" but when i look in the lower right hand corner I can baltanly see an adorable little world infront of two YOU LIE Trend Micro YOU LIE!

for shame

ily ♥ alana

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Would you laugh at me, if I said I care for you?

okay okay... so being the twilight addict i am, i did some research and found this...i'm dissapointed at how dull it looks..nothign special but that doesn't mean i don't want it
i'm watching another episode of Law and Order...some serial baby killer...
OMG it's that one dude!!!!!! idk. i forgot his name or where he's from lol.
my head hurts..
i haven't really gotten any further with the cleaning..but it's not like i was going to anyways.
hmm i have work tomorrow..not looking forward to that really.
i need money so it's a good thing that i'm going to be there for more hours than usual.
i don't want to have to pay $11 for parking's kind of ridiculous.
"giving birth made her crazy?"
eeew incest.
that's NASTY.
shows like this are distracting.
so is twilight.
and boys.
and interwebs
i can't get anything done.
ily ♥

i say it's close to enough to perfect for me

So here I am...
sitting on my chair typing on my laptop [i wonder how much battery life i have left..maybe i should grab the charger]...some Walmart commercial is on...I'm watching Law and Order SVU while i "clean" i'm working on the floor first..but basically there's bags of trash and a whole bunch of crap on my bed...but i'm getting though it.
ok ok i'm going to go get my charger

"i CERTAINLY didn't kill phone." lulz wtf dude..

I was planning on watching Tristan + Isolde after..but idk if that's going to happen.

I found my NPSH that's pretty cool.
It's kind of IS cold.

Eeew eeew the guy raped a 6 year old. wtf.

Okay anyways the commericals are back on.
I'll be going to visit a friend on Thursday and Friday with another friend. I need to pack still..but i basically know what I'm bringing.

I keep biting my nails... what a bad habit. ugh.

so i was watching French and Saunders last night with friends and we saw this skit and i was freaking out because Saunders is basically Edward check out Muriel and Maddie

maybe i'll do another update but i've run out of things to say.

Monday, January 5, 2009

this feels right, don't say goodnight

shut up! and let him do it on his own!.
that is waht i want to say to my dad.
he always goes on about a mess and he's all ass hole like.
he throws a temper tantrum and blames everything on my mom, my brother and i.
like it's NEVER his fault!???!!?!? wtf honestly.

he bitches about us leaving shit out when most of the crap that is left out is his.

geeze i'm such a whiny baby.


i should stop complaining

i'm waiting for my mom to come home.
i have NO idea what we're having for dinner.
but rice is cooking.
i HOPE it's not chicken but it probably is.

idk if i'm going into work tomorrow.. i don't want to..but...i DO want to get paid.

i'm so indecisive.

i took down two jonas brothers posters last night before bed.
it took me a while to actually fall asleep.

oh have i mentioned how today is the LONGEST DAY EVERRRRRRRRR???!!?!!??!?!!

so i get into the office and after an hour of working all of us are ready to go home...
then noon comes and i'm getting hungry.

we end up taking a break..idr when..
and after we eat it's like not 3 yet. and we're all complaining

by 330 ppl stopped working and we sat there
so i left around 430.
but yeah.

idk if i'm gonna do this whole 9-"5" thing again.
i want money though but after school starts..we'll see.

my mom just got home..i hope she's cooking something.

my knee hurts..did i say that already? i know i thought about it.

all day i've been wanting to come home and go online, update this blog, check myspace, facebook, all that jazz.

and i come home and i'm utterly dissapointed.
there wasn't anything for me to come home to.

i need to look for my Chowder purse..
oh and you know....

no i don't even know but i need to clean my room.

oh i want to go to Drew's to play ABBA singstar and get my CD and Books.

ily ♥

Sunday, January 4, 2009

a man with a plan to use my hands

so this is my third blog of the day..ain't it sad? but i thought..instead of myspace bulletin - ing this..i should just share it with whoever might take a peek at this blog. maybe i'll get more views if readers recognize the new love of my life. she's gorgeous. i love her already and i just found her 10 minutes ago. i LOVE Katie..she's AMAZING and srsly i'm so glad she introduced us. LULZ. i've dowloaded about 6 images of her. Jenny. whenever i meet a girl named Jenny i think of that song..and wish her number was 867-5309 because that would be utterly FANTABULOUS...okay so before i post more photos on this blog i thought i'd mention how much i love that on Blogger if you type something in CAPS, firefox won't recognize it as a misspelling...but if you type a work like myspace in small letters or something idk..but it'll underline it and then if you type something like lulz in CAPS it won't do anything. idk. i'm rambling as usual. perhaps i should share more pictures that aren't rare or anything..they just happen to be of one loveable musician. but okay okay i'm sitting here listening to her sing on her band site. they're LA based..which means i hope..eventually that they'll do a small tour or NorCal.....cause....that would make my life beyond belief. fosho<333333 style="font-style: italic;">Take me to wherever you go every night. Take me to where there is noise and light and laughter. Tame me to where you forget.

Or or or.
How about this:

I've always wanted to be a procrastinator, I just never got aroung to it.

I admit it...when i read that previous one i giggled... the girl next to me in the aisle at the bookstore probably thought i was a loser. but hey whatever. i don't understand why BLOGGER has me locked in italics just now..i had to highlight the text 20 times to get it to stop doing that. and nevermind i don't feel like explaining.

Okay so this photo of her hair flying..i LOVE. okay i LOVE every picture of her..
My friend and I are reminiscing about the old days. When shows like Salute Your Shorts and Clarissa Explains It All were the best shows in television. We all wanted to go to Camp
. That's no secret. lulz.

Have I mentioned i have a YouTube? I will now shamelessly plug the channels I appear on regularly..and not so regularly...
Main Channel , Fridays, TwinVlog, Secondary Channel I'll leave it up to you to check them out. Perhaps a blog about my "role" on each channel will make its way onto here..but then again..that would have a point and..we can't have that on here now can we?
Ever realize when you're with your friends and you're laughing and/or you decide to make a video displaying your "awesomeness" or "comedic style" or "interesting and entertaining" life to display on a website like YouTube so others can watch, only to find that
you really aren't that funny and the only ones that are laughing at this ridiculous video are those of you in it?
I noticed that.
But anyways..this blog is coming to a close..just like tonight.
It's only 10:06 PM which doesn't really mean much..but like i mentioned earlier today I DO have to return to my now 9-5 job...which reminds me..i need to have cash for
  • Parking
    and for
  • Lunch
ily ♥alana

Blood of Christ mountain stream

so much for doing one of these daily,
perhaps i should start at a certain time..but then again..that wouldn't work.
so, i'm sitting here in the living room.
one minute to seven
i was hoping i could find people easily - my friends would have blogs
but no such luck :/
there's something stuck in my irritating

i'm going through my subscriptions list on YouTube.
seeing who i can unsubscribe to.

talking to my friend Katie

so far some i unsubbed to [possible youtube user plugging]:

so what's that 13 subscriptions?
hmm. okay. i realized i had nothing to say..not that that's unusual.

oh i got this book

it looks like tons o fun.
makes me want to host a party.
oh but i also got some twilight stickers.

on a darker [ well you know how people say on a lighter note... yeah...] note I must return to work tomorrow. Sure i shouldn't complain, my job isn't a difficult's just YUCK. haha. i've been on break for like two weeks and I am NOT ready to go back. but hey $10 an hour is a fair trade.

I found out I get to go to Dallas.
My mom booked the hotel,
we'll be there for like 6 days. :]
i AM EXTREMELY excited.
So i need to make $255 to pay for my ticket and roughly $500 to spend during the trip.
I also need to make roughly that amount for an dress.

I AM ALSO GLAD i finally got that stupid banner to fit pretty perfectly into that box at the top of my blog

i'm feelin better already

as i sit here with a few bites left of a tuna melt i made like twenty minutes ago [i'm no good with time]
2 bites left...
i'm listening to michael cera and ellen page's version of Anyone Else But You and i LOVE it. Paulie Bleeker i heart him. My guy BFF is singing his own version next to me.
oh BLG's Here In You Arms just started...
1 bite left...
maybe this will become a daily thing, thought, i haven't decided
this is SOOO unproductive,
a rant - not even that- just pure nonsense
pointless, which is how most of the blog i will post here will be...

he just handed me headphones..apparently i was playing the music a little TOO loud.

i'm craving some

Saturday, January 3, 2009

what the hell is on joey's head

I'm not trying to be clever or meaningful.
I don't want to push the idea that I never have anything to say.
I do.
I will warn you, the titles of this blog, and future blogs will have nothing to do with the content(that's the plan anyways), they will (usually) be quotes from literary pieces or lyrics to songs that are stuck in my head, playing, or something of that nature.
I realized that every sentence I have written so far begins with "I",
does anyone else experience this?
Perhaps it may be acceptable because a blog can be something personal, about a blogger.
However, I'm not sure that the idea I am presenting justifies the action.

Is it strange that the only albums I can listen to in their entirety are the movie soundtracks to JUNO and Twilight?
Is it strange that I wish there were more lesbians in the world, even though I am not one myself?

I don't feel creative, and my mind Isn't in the mood to be picked apart and opened up for analysis.

♥ alana