Thursday, January 29, 2009

i lose sight of common goals

you did it again mother fraction!.
whatever i'm not even mad.
actually i'm excited natalia is maybe probably going with me to dallas so i won't be alone.
and she might do the whole family road trip with me.
we should probably see how frisco goes but i'm sure i'll fucking love her.

i fucked up my hair today. but i like it.
i want to go to the mall in an hour but idk if it will happen.
i have hella fucking sketches to do that i haven't even started and that's the only thing bugging me now.
my art history book came in so i was super happy..not because i hella wanted it but mostly because i didn't want to go to the library and have to look at it and make copies because that would mean i have to get an ID which i don't have.

ive decided..i'll add hella bands if they request me and if they have sick ass music i'll promote them and even more if they're the shit and talk to fans and aren't big headed and have no time for it.

okay so i get most big bands have no time but i mean c'mon once in a blue moon. but whatever. i don't even really care...really.

oh apparently hector took out his dreads..idk why i'm telling you. you don't care. oh and katie is sick..another thing you don't care about. hahaha.
oh yeah and cash cash isn't stuck in Wyoming anymore and they're hoping to make it to Illinois cause they're not doing Iowa. lame.
as long as they can get to San Diego it's all good in the hood. or whatever.

today in psyc one guy called breasts - the dairy faucets and a girl called a penis pinoccio but what makes it funnier is that she said it it was supposed to be a spanish word..everyone laughed.. that class is weird. but. at least it's entertaining.

i have like 2 or 3 papers to turn in next week which i could be working on but i'm not.
this wasn't really full of anything with purpose.

oh drew's going to San Diego so cool. [:

get your ticket.

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