Tuesday, January 6, 2009

i say it's close to enough to perfect for me

So here I am...
sitting on my chair typing on my laptop [i wonder how much battery life i have left..maybe i should grab the charger]...some Walmart commercial is on...I'm watching Law and Order SVU while i "clean" i'm working on the floor first..but basically there's bags of trash and a whole bunch of crap on my bed...but i'm getting though it.
ok ok i'm going to go get my charger

"i CERTAINLY didn't kill her..by phone." lulz wtf dude..

I was planning on watching Tristan + Isolde after..but idk if that's going to happen.

I found my NPSH shades..so that's pretty cool.
It's kind of cold..well...no..it IS cold.

Eeew eeew the guy raped a 6 year old. wtf.

Okay anyways the commericals are back on.
I'll be going to visit a friend on Thursday and Friday with another friend. I need to pack still..but i basically know what I'm bringing.

I keep biting my nails... what a bad habit. ugh.

so i was watching French and Saunders last night with friends and we saw this skit and i was freaking out because Saunders is basically Edward Cullen...so check out Muriel and Maddie

maybe i'll do another update but i've run out of things to say.

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