Monday, January 19, 2009

If they all think I'm not good enough

shiny and new... i want something that can be described as so...
but whatever i don't really.

so i never got into the live chat yesterday but i refused to get up for like 4 hours from my seat and when i finally did i kept tripping or falling or stubbing my was NOT FUN.

i'm such a cry baby.

I went to old sac today..
and saw Karli.
Apparently Drew was there since he took her to work and all..but that's besides the point.

So of course the usual suspects texted me...
and then the not so usual.
i admit it's sort of refreshing.
the whole
"let's hang out" and the whole we can be friends and have it not be retarded idea is nice.
i'm going to try and not get my hopes up. because it seems as though whenever
i try to make plans with people someone always flakes.
let's have this upcoming plan not have the same out come alright?

i admit sometimes i'm the "busy bee" and i opt out of seeing certain people.

I hate how awkward encounters can be. i wish everyone was just comfortable with everybody..but i don't think that's going to happen.

you know what?
you know the Girl Rule:
you never date your friends Ex or the guy she liked?

wtf is up with that,
i can't help that i have such slutty friends that have slept with, dated, made out with, liked,etc; every guy i know. it's ridiculous.
it's probably safe to say i'll never find anyone as long as my friends keep their holes open.

wow i sound bitter.
i need a chill lozenge.



oh and drew ily cuz ur my twin
and karli ily cuz ur awesomer than your brother and one of these days we need to window shop

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