Saturday, January 10, 2009

I've been spending way too long checking my tongue in the mirror

California, here we come right back
where we started from, California.

I miss The OC...
even though at the end of it was pure skat.

So todays plan was to go to
Berkeley with Kimberly to pick up
the rest of the stuff so the
new person could move into
where she was living.
idk what the plans are anymore.

We either may not go til after 5
or well just go in the morning.
The monk marathon is on...
I LOVE this show, and Psyc.
.haha...I cant believe this show is ending
after this season....soooo lame.
check my hair out
idk why it looks like that so it's really weird but whatever.
Oh and in this picture...
Kim wanted to look sad..but it didn't really come out that way

anyways I got Pineapple Express... today so it's cool.....
i get to watch that again...some time
I hate my skin it's gross. ugh.
I AM NOT looking forward to school starting, I still have to get my text books...
ugh..well theres only 2 books i NEED to get...
but then if i get into my two other classes I think there's like one or two more i need. i don't remember.
bad memory.
My mom is doing laundry...THERE's what i was planning on bringing to Santa Cruz!
geeze i thought i was going crazy becuase I couldn't find anything.

oh Kimberly borrowed my Twilight and New Moon books..ugh i Miss them. i want them back tonight or tomorrow whenever i see her...ahh i want to watch Twilight again..i want my mom to take me to the movies or something.
I wonder where R. Pattz is he hasn't graced my stalker

sites in a I'm bored lol. but i don't know how either of those relate to each other. lol makes no sense.

But it was funny... when we were visiting Nancy, Kimberly said "she's married!" and points top Nancy. and we're both like "Yess...."
So on Friday she asks her who she's married to and Nancy's like "Alana"
and Kimberly says "You bitch, you give everyone a ring, we're married too!"
and then to Nancy she says "Yeah but mine's bigger!"

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