Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Straight outta sac town, no we never back down

so today was strange.
like i added about eleven or so people on MySpace..mostly bands that found me.
that never happened before.
well..never on my old account.
i got off of work an hour earlier than usual.
i kind of ran put of things to do.
mostly i texted Katie about some dream i had about her and her "boyfriend".
i want to make it a point to be known.
i want these new "friends" to talk to me. because i don't even talk to the people i actually know.
on another note i got invited to go to San Fransisco after I go to San Diego.
It's gonna set me back like $60 or so but i might just go. Or i'll do the $45 thing. or idk. fuck i don't know how much it costs anymore. since it's a two day thing...don't ask i'm rambling.

i'm sorry jonas brothers..i just dont care anymore
okay that's a lie...i just haven't seen them in forever. i never feel the need to be updated with their lives.

fuckity fuck fuck fuck. hi i stress myself out. i need money. like seriously. why am i even considering spending money i don't have. this is ridiculous. i need to like. i don't know. like be a hermit or something.

i have some shit to do but i'll do a survey first ugh.
today started off soo well and weird.

but idk.
i stress too much.

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