Saturday, January 31, 2009

don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret

i have to pee.
something is wrong. websites aren't working properly for me...but i can't be bothered to restart my computer to see if it helps.
i think when i floss..i taste it..and it makes my stomach hurt.
maybe i'm just hungry.
i got home at like 430am. i was seriously about to pass out on the couch. but yeah.
met natalia she seems cool.
shady shit.
when i left the apartment i like walked in the wrong direction and got so confused...well i took two steps and realized i didn't recongize anything so i turned around and then i was like duh!
there was a creeper in the trees..i got scared.
i got the money.
i want more money.
i want baseball tees - red, black and yellow and blue and idk. whatever else they make. oh purple.
i can't believe it's almost time to see Cash Cash again.
i have some illustrations to do for fashion.
i have papers to write
and readings to do.
but of course i'm doing any of that.
i'm waiting for someone to IM me or text me wanting to hang out.
i think i AM hungry.
i want coffee.
hella. ugh.
text me.
i get excited when people talk abotu twilight.
usually its not on my mind TOO much.
i think all my obsessions are slowly dying.
"i want a boy to pursue me"
theres a cassette tape on my floor i wonder what it plays.
i think it might be from french.
i'm obsessed with bobby pins
i want scene girls hair.
like that massive poof shit.
new moon needs to be out now.
i feel uncomfortable