Saturday, May 16, 2009

make it move

why are you so uncreative?
you have no game.
it's sad.
but what's sadder is everyone falls for you.
so gay so gay.
the gayest.

Friday, May 8, 2009

your random all over the place attitude

he said he'd love me forever


too bad he doesn't mean it.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

hunter are you even listening to me?

i hear you.

blah lame ass. never update this shit.

Monday, April 6, 2009

he took me to the future.

i woke up this morning at the god awful hour of 515 am.
i think its almost time to board the plane.
i woke up in a horrendous mood but someone saved me.
they remembered i was going to be gone for a week.
made it feel like someone was paying someone gave a shit.

the only reason i'm blogging is
1. im bored
2. im bored
3.i forgot
4. my other blog site won't let me write

supposed to get there 11am ish their time
theyre doing preboaring

i should sign out.
ill blog soon

Saturday, April 4, 2009

every last word every single thing you say

okay so this blog is becoming extremley neglected...
that can mean:
1] i have a life and no longer find time to blog about my non-existent life
2] i am old and aging everyday and therefore sleep when i am not doing thing i am commited to
3] i forget about it.

there are many other pssible reasons but that could take a while to type and well..i'm not sure i have that kind of time.
So my fashion teacher hates me..but loves me..but mostly hates me and i've accepted that.
last night there was not enough estrogen in my household..
there was a total of 2 females v. 5 males.
then it was 2 females to 3 males...slightly less...testosterone..i suppose.
wel my 7 year old brother busted the shit out of my laptop
and instead of freaking otu and murdering him i simply told him to go tell my mother what he did and not pay him much attention for the remainder of the night.

it didn't hit me hard until i went to bed lastnight and realized how much of my life is on that thing..

but hey whatever c'est la vie.
so i WON'T have a laptop for 2 weeks [ or more or less] but this has happene before... not to this extent but you know..can't let somethin like this set me over the edge.

i think the old me is coming back.
the whole let's make every male around me a human punchin bag
case in point-
i stabbed Ryan with a flag and hav repeatedly thrown force upon his genital area
Hek let me beat his head [of course he was wearing a helmet and all] and i "knocked the wind out of him"
unfortunatley i didn't egt violent with Drew...that'll happen again one day.

i leave for Hawaii monday morning..gonna get up around 5am or earlier or 6am or something...
early mornign flight Yippee


Ryan should stay with taht girl for a while cause at least she's eyecandy.
she seems really young though. lol.
but idk last night was entertaining except when it was the three of us [hek drew and i] walking around and having to glance or hear Ryan and new girl smackin lips and doin shit. lol.

but yeah i can't log onto anything or upload anuything..i have to use my moms computer on the trip

epic faiure but you know...i'm good.
it's good. it'll all work out or something..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

and i ain't fuckin scared of him

"you'd be the perfect girlfriend for him"
lmao. i really wanted to die from laughter.
too bad i wouldn't be.
just cause she loves me.
anyways i can't make friends with guys.
or if i do..they have to be attractive.
Happened with KO happening with RP. o wow. lmao.
anyways. last night was alright.
natalia says he's desperate and i said "don't worry SERIOUSLY don't worry"
i don't like avoiding people.
i'll be gone for like a week. away from the world
so one of two things will happen
1. i wont talk to anyone while i'm gone
2. i wil continue to recieve random texts from people that are confusing, not worth my time, frusturating or boring and they well become my source of entertainment and i'll pretend to care, they'll pretend to care. or something

i tried growing out my nails
but i keep biting them,
my allergies are making me miserable
i saw natalia for the first time today in FOREVER
i have yet to hear or read a fantastic april fool's day joke.. srsly LAME.
if i was 21 i wouldn't be talking to YOU.
fml i have work to do

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

don't want anyone else gettin hurt

your surveys depress me.
i feel bad at how much your life sucks.
your myspace blogs..are fucking teardrop worthy..for you.
i'm not saying i don't care...
actually...quite the opposite.
but i'm not one to go and grab your hand and stand up against fire with you because i'm not sure if that's what you need.
am i the friend that has to make light of the situation? to make you laugh and forget about the bad shit?
or am i the friend that needs to sit there with you, listen to you rant and rave, cry with you, comfort you and do whatever it is to make the pain go away?
i hate that i need to be told what to do but i feel it makes things a hell of a lot worse than it has to be.
edward is scaring bella.
tomorrow is an employmentless day and i'll be home..probably.
i just want to work full time or something.
i hate being broke.
i hate the bitch who does shit and never has money to pay me back but always has money to buy shit they don't need..fuck i seriously typed "kneed"
i'm such a fucking pessimist and i LOVE it.
i went to LA and i went to the mall and went to a puppy store and am desperatley seeking a boyfriend who will buy me a puppy, let me keep it at his house- who will buy shit for it and take care of it - and basically i just want to play with the damn thing.
why does my little brother know so much about Twilight? i swear i don't tell him shit unless he asks but he's nailin it and i am flabbergasted.
i often play the deleted scenes in my laugh and have to giggle.
i just found out what my hw is for fashion..fuck i'm scared. idk what to do. or who to do it on.
and have i mentioned i neglected to begin my Salvador Dali paper? come on! it's 1000 words i CAN do it.
did i mention how i won't be in the continental US next week? [wait is Hawaii part of the continental us? no cause it's not on the continent right? idk..i should YOU should look it up!] we're[my family and i] are going to celebrate my mother's birhtday - it's the 9th of April if you care- and i plan on escaping California..mostly Sacramento..and school and everything and just not giving a damn...
i'm happy natalia is going this summer.
hopefully she doesn't get in over her head.
despite the fact i didn't get into the even Saturday..i'm happy.
it was a stressful,sucessful,adventerous day and i wouldn't change a thing..well except maybe by shoes.

i think i like someone.
but hey he's a horrible person.
no he's not.
maybe he is.
i hardly know him.
i DON'T know him.
we couldn't be happy together for long which could ruin things and that's NEVER a good thing.

but I'm geting ahead of myself
the fucker doesn't even see me like that. oh well.
i'd just compare him to RTP anyways.

he says "17" and "complications" in that scary weird voice..
i'm such a that's the worst name for a fan

anyways. i'm off to stalk celebrites and find some historical person [pre 1900s] to do my hw on.

i still have to pee.