Sunday, January 11, 2009

now I toss and turn cause I'm without you

The results from yesterday...
have yet to become evident.
A little after I posted my blog yesterday,
I realized I had misplaced my cell phone. really, really annoying.
So the trip to Berkeley may or may not happen this weekend.
Needless to say, I never found it.
SO once my parents get back home, my mom and I are going to the Verizon store,
to see if I can get it replaced- I should be able to because it's in my contract-but we'll see.

Spongebob Squarepants is on...I HATE this show,
so Never Think is blasting from my computer right now.

My plans for my summer trip have also had a damper put upon them.
The meet and greet for the event I want to attend is full, there is a waiting list,
I'm wondering if it's even worth it anymore.
I mean I'll still get to see those guys but still,
Oh well...i should just take what i can get.

The version of Too Much on my MySpace is really weird cause it's hella fast and all concert like.

I thought my microphone had been fixed because
I called the Skype test line and the playback worked,
but when i went to use Quick Capture on YouTube, and my regular webcam, the sound was off...sooo LAME.

fuck shit bitch.

I hope today is a better day.

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