Friday, January 9, 2009

Poison in the very air we breathe

Santa Cruz..was fun. I mean we didn't really do much, but it was nice to see my friend again.
We got there a little after noon on Thursday and waited an hour or so for Nancy to get out of class.
We had to drive around a while to find parking and where she lived because we kept going to the wrong place.
After we went to her place we unloaded and went to eat at Banana Joe's [damnit i forgot to take a picture of it]. I had 1/2 a sandwich, celery, and a slice of pizza and Some Strawberry Guava.
We ate and she took us on a short tour of the campus..

Now let me tell you...I AM LAZY!...i used to be able to walk fast and for fairly long periods of time..but that changes when you continuously go up and down steep hills.
Thankfully we got to ride the bus a few times before heading back to her room.

We sat in her room..talked about the people she lived with, she opened her present...and a little after 715 we ate dinner at Banana Joe's again...this time i had chicken, pad thai, and criss cut fries and Fruit Punch or w/e Kim got me to drink.

We strolled back to her room and made it back aroudn 730 or something..we were surprised how fast we were..but again..we got a bus ride.

I woke up a few times this morning when Nancy was geting ready for school so whenever i was out from onder the covers id jump on her bed and start to fall asleep and then she'd tell me i could go back to where I was...she left..idk what time maybe 830?

Then i fell back to sleep and Kim's alarm went off at 10 so i decided to get up.
Took a shower and got ready for the day.

Nancy got back a little after 12.
We went to the beach and walked around and decided next time we visit..we'd be more prepared.

Then we walked around a bit.
I bought a turtle magnet for my family.

Then we left and headed downtown.

We walked around there for a lil over an hour [kept havign to feed the parking meter]

We were going to go to a sushi bar for lunch but it was closed by 3 [when we decided we were hungry] and wasn't going to open again til 5.

So we went to a mexican place and then we left and went across the street to a pizza/pasta place.

the guy gave us the lunch special which was supposed ot end at 3pm..but he was nice.

so yeah...

after that we gased up and went back to her dorm to load up the car.

we ended up leaving around 4ish..earlier than anticipated
so we said our goodbyes and kim and i headed back on the road

she fell asleep.
i drove.
we ended up knocking 4 minutes off the estimated GPS time.

so YAY.
for goign 93 miles an hour[ apparently my fastest time lol]
when it was clear i suusally went 80

but yeah that's basically it

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