Monday, January 5, 2009

this feels right, don't say goodnight

shut up! and let him do it on his own!.
that is waht i want to say to my dad.
he always goes on about a mess and he's all ass hole like.
he throws a temper tantrum and blames everything on my mom, my brother and i.
like it's NEVER his fault!???!!?!? wtf honestly.

he bitches about us leaving shit out when most of the crap that is left out is his.

geeze i'm such a whiny baby.


i should stop complaining

i'm waiting for my mom to come home.
i have NO idea what we're having for dinner.
but rice is cooking.
i HOPE it's not chicken but it probably is.

idk if i'm going into work tomorrow.. i don't want to..but...i DO want to get paid.

i'm so indecisive.

i took down two jonas brothers posters last night before bed.
it took me a while to actually fall asleep.

oh have i mentioned how today is the LONGEST DAY EVERRRRRRRRR???!!?!!??!?!!

so i get into the office and after an hour of working all of us are ready to go home...
then noon comes and i'm getting hungry.

we end up taking a break..idr when..
and after we eat it's like not 3 yet. and we're all complaining

by 330 ppl stopped working and we sat there
so i left around 430.
but yeah.

idk if i'm gonna do this whole 9-"5" thing again.
i want money though but after school starts..we'll see.

my mom just got home..i hope she's cooking something.

my knee hurts..did i say that already? i know i thought about it.

all day i've been wanting to come home and go online, update this blog, check myspace, facebook, all that jazz.

and i come home and i'm utterly dissapointed.
there wasn't anything for me to come home to.

i need to look for my Chowder purse..
oh and you know....

no i don't even know but i need to clean my room.

oh i want to go to Drew's to play ABBA singstar and get my CD and Books.

ily ♥

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