Sunday, January 4, 2009

Blood of Christ mountain stream

so much for doing one of these daily,
perhaps i should start at a certain time..but then again..that wouldn't work.
so, i'm sitting here in the living room.
one minute to seven
i was hoping i could find people easily - my friends would have blogs
but no such luck :/
there's something stuck in my irritating

i'm going through my subscriptions list on YouTube.
seeing who i can unsubscribe to.

talking to my friend Katie

so far some i unsubbed to [possible youtube user plugging]:

so what's that 13 subscriptions?
hmm. okay. i realized i had nothing to say..not that that's unusual.

oh i got this book

it looks like tons o fun.
makes me want to host a party.
oh but i also got some twilight stickers.

on a darker [ well you know how people say on a lighter note... yeah...] note I must return to work tomorrow. Sure i shouldn't complain, my job isn't a difficult's just YUCK. haha. i've been on break for like two weeks and I am NOT ready to go back. but hey $10 an hour is a fair trade.

I found out I get to go to Dallas.
My mom booked the hotel,
we'll be there for like 6 days. :]
i AM EXTREMELY excited.
So i need to make $255 to pay for my ticket and roughly $500 to spend during the trip.
I also need to make roughly that amount for an dress.

I AM ALSO GLAD i finally got that stupid banner to fit pretty perfectly into that box at the top of my blog

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  1. OMG! you got that!?!? i loooove amy sedaris!! let me borrow it! lol