Wednesday, January 21, 2009

so i can taste you on my tounge

hey guys,
so i kind of hate how there was that one day where i didn't blog so the number of blogs don't match the day. i'm so OCD about that.

my edward is getting destroyed...i hate it.
he falls like all the time. i'm like seriously..stand up.

okay so i made plans for friday,
incase my previous plans fall through.
which i'm sure they will because
well people are just FLAKES.

I went to work today and we ate at the Hefe Weisen place..or w/e its called by Crest Theatre. I had pizza twists, but i couldn't help but smell the beer everyone else was drinking.

So then it's like everyone goes back to work buzzed except my boss and I. lol j/k they like just had 1 beer but whatever.

But i am NOT looking forward to school tomorrow.
I mean YAY i got into all my classes and stuff so no awkward breaks but still..idk..

I hope it gets more fun.


I'm not even sure if i have hw or not..or like reading..i only have like 2 books. and i don't think i have reading from either book..maybe psyc. okay i don't really know i should pull out my syllabus.

but this...about my first day of school

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  1. I need awkward breaks... to me they equal COFFEE. Good thing I only have one class a day, I'd be so poor... agian.