Saturday, January 3, 2009

what the hell is on joey's head

I'm not trying to be clever or meaningful.
I don't want to push the idea that I never have anything to say.
I do.
I will warn you, the titles of this blog, and future blogs will have nothing to do with the content(that's the plan anyways), they will (usually) be quotes from literary pieces or lyrics to songs that are stuck in my head, playing, or something of that nature.
I realized that every sentence I have written so far begins with "I",
does anyone else experience this?
Perhaps it may be acceptable because a blog can be something personal, about a blogger.
However, I'm not sure that the idea I am presenting justifies the action.

Is it strange that the only albums I can listen to in their entirety are the movie soundtracks to JUNO and Twilight?
Is it strange that I wish there were more lesbians in the world, even though I am not one myself?

I don't feel creative, and my mind Isn't in the mood to be picked apart and opened up for analysis.

♥ alana

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