Sunday, January 4, 2009

a man with a plan to use my hands

so this is my third blog of the day..ain't it sad? but i thought..instead of myspace bulletin - ing this..i should just share it with whoever might take a peek at this blog. maybe i'll get more views if readers recognize the new love of my life. she's gorgeous. i love her already and i just found her 10 minutes ago. i LOVE Katie..she's AMAZING and srsly i'm so glad she introduced us. LULZ. i've dowloaded about 6 images of her. Jenny. whenever i meet a girl named Jenny i think of that song..and wish her number was 867-5309 because that would be utterly FANTABULOUS...okay so before i post more photos on this blog i thought i'd mention how much i love that on Blogger if you type something in CAPS, firefox won't recognize it as a misspelling...but if you type a work like myspace in small letters or something idk..but it'll underline it and then if you type something like lulz in CAPS it won't do anything. idk. i'm rambling as usual. perhaps i should share more pictures that aren't rare or anything..they just happen to be of one loveable musician. but okay okay i'm sitting here listening to her sing on her band site. they're LA based..which means i hope..eventually that they'll do a small tour or NorCal.....cause....that would make my life beyond belief. fosho<333333 style="font-style: italic;">Take me to wherever you go every night. Take me to where there is noise and light and laughter. Tame me to where you forget.

Or or or.
How about this:

I've always wanted to be a procrastinator, I just never got aroung to it.

I admit it...when i read that previous one i giggled... the girl next to me in the aisle at the bookstore probably thought i was a loser. but hey whatever. i don't understand why BLOGGER has me locked in italics just now..i had to highlight the text 20 times to get it to stop doing that. and nevermind i don't feel like explaining.

Okay so this photo of her hair flying..i LOVE. okay i LOVE every picture of her..
My friend and I are reminiscing about the old days. When shows like Salute Your Shorts and Clarissa Explains It All were the best shows in television. We all wanted to go to Camp
. That's no secret. lulz.

Have I mentioned i have a YouTube? I will now shamelessly plug the channels I appear on regularly..and not so regularly...
Main Channel , Fridays, TwinVlog, Secondary Channel I'll leave it up to you to check them out. Perhaps a blog about my "role" on each channel will make its way onto here..but then again..that would have a point and..we can't have that on here now can we?
Ever realize when you're with your friends and you're laughing and/or you decide to make a video displaying your "awesomeness" or "comedic style" or "interesting and entertaining" life to display on a website like YouTube so others can watch, only to find that
you really aren't that funny and the only ones that are laughing at this ridiculous video are those of you in it?
I noticed that.
But anyways..this blog is coming to a close..just like tonight.
It's only 10:06 PM which doesn't really mean much..but like i mentioned earlier today I DO have to return to my now 9-5 job...which reminds me..i need to have cash for
  • Parking
    and for
  • Lunch
ily ♥alana

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  1. is that jenny lewis? cuz if it is you told me to become obsessed with her when you saw her in a magazine in urban. and i said "janelle likes her". if it's not her, than i'm just stupid.