Wednesday, January 7, 2009

you're just a line in a song

i just said that because i typed my password in incorrectly so i had to sign in...AGAIN.

but anyways..
i'm packing. I already know what I'm wearing tomorrow, and tomorrow night, and Friday..sort of.

Turns out I wont be home Saturday because I'm going to Berkeley for IDK how long.

It's the college tour apparently.. but not really. lulz.

I'm waiting for my mom to help my brother with his homework so we can leave and fill up my gas tank with wonderful gas that will pollute the world...but get us to Santa Cruz.

I went to the bank and found out I basically have $150 to spend on food, gas, and WHATEVER kind of shenanigans we get ourselves into.

Ever notice how I continuously skip lines in my blog?
I hate how much space it takes on the page but when I type..i don't like to see the lines all close together.

I have "Name of The Game" by ABBA stuck in my head. This is getting ridiculous.
I need to make sure my iPod is all charged up so I can attempt to fall asleep with the aid of Spunk Ransom's soothing voice.

ooh that reminds me..i need to transfer things over the the old computer so I can have more songs on my nano.

ruh-roh..... Trend Micro AntiVirus says "No Internet Connection Found" but when i look in the lower right hand corner I can baltanly see an adorable little world infront of two YOU LIE Trend Micro YOU LIE!

for shame

ily ♥ alana

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