Saturday, January 17, 2009

just leave it all to me

So tomorrow, I will most definitley not be in the socializing mood starting at 2PM or earlier...because like all the other stupid, crazy, obsessive fans - i will be on justin trying to get to know the boys a little better.

I don't really have much to update on...
in my mind:
boys are still stupid
relationships are still bogus
the twilight series is the bees knees
i'm a packrat that can't get rid of anything
people should give me money for no reason
boys purposely toy with your feelings and mind for kicks

I've been in the process of cleanign my room all week..well FOREVER actually,
i was supposed to have this all done at the beggining of winter break but i got sick
and more excuses started to pour in.
I'm happy to announce that I just have a wee bit more organizing to do and a small-ish corner of my room to tackle with a broom and then..
maybe i'll be done.

I'm still taking Jonas posters down,
so i can put some Twilight posters up and some of my newer Jonas posters i've collected.

I'd also like to restart the whole having other celebs on my walls liek i had before.

I remember i had a small THE OC section, a SMALL Joe section, and a scatter of pictures of my friends around my room. I also want to put up some art work and maybe more lighting because to me my room is just too dark and i want a little more lighting for reading purposes, so i don't need to have my ceiling fan light on all night.
I need DVD boxes or racks cause there are stacks on my floor
My book shelves need some serious re-alphabatizing or w/e
and yeah
but my bed is cleared off and my desk that my latptop is SUPPOSED to be on is cleared off..with a stack of magazines on top..

but i need to go through all of my mags
to see which ones i can toss and such

my left arm/wrist is beginning to cramp up so i think i'll watch Twilight for the 2nd time today

i got to have a small 3 mintue chat with Michael Aranda..that was fun.

and i talked to some boy from could be good. like idk i might want to learn more about Africa...theres a few small docs i want to see about it..maybe i could get some insight from him..if i ever decide to talk to him again.

we'll see.


  1. i'm THIS close to finnishing new moon. i think i have 2 chapters left...

  2. People should give me money for no reason as well... maybe we can start a business called "Give Me Money Because I Say So!" Also, I replied to your comments on my blog... wouldn't it be awesome if they notified us about that?!