Thursday, February 12, 2009

it's my party and i'll cry if i want to

so now i can finally join twenty something bloggers...or do i have to be 21? hahaha starving we just watched a film BOYS WILL BE MEN and yeah i have a quiz next class..birthday =lame
i still don't know what i'm supposed to be wearing i really wanted that skirt from Forever 21...ugh
i was basically falling asleep in YOGA and yeah idk i wanna sleep.
last night was fun...the drive to and from the city was easy..the rain went from pouring down to a light drizzle to nothing at all...
we met a couple cool jonas fans and talked to a few creepers...not jonas creepers..just sf natives...some "special" people, some crazy lady, one woman with an iphone and yeah ...just a bunch of INTERESTING people..hahaha...i'm not paying attention in class...all im thinking about is food and sleep..arounf 4 i have to go on Justin and make tyler shamy sing happy birthday to me
i almost had a heart attack the woman next to me startled me by asking me a question hahahaha...i lost a bar for my battery...daang. i got home early yesterday though..a little after 10pm
ppl thought we wouldnt be bactil after midnight uh oh the lights are turning off time for mooive again
ahhhh i was afraid i was going to erase everything causei got a text more bloggin l8r

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