Tuesday, February 17, 2009

blogger..wait that's not al yric

so i just got out of my class..well no i was waiting in line to use a computer so i could post a blog and steal time from studious students that use the schools sources for more..practical things..
i feel bad theres like five or six people inline..they look stressed but i'm far too
i have 40 minutes to type this its 11:11. so i guess 39?
ok it autosavedat 11:04
no one cares stop rambling alana

so okay the 10 mins i was in calss waiting for my professors to show up i noticed a few things

one. there was the girl wearing the same red jacket she always wears when out class meets...i wonder...is it the only one she owns? is it her favorite? why does she wear it all the time? does she wear it every day or only on the days our class meets?
would i recognize her in any other piece of clothing?

two. a new guy, a loud new guy..maybe he's nto new but today was the first time i noticed him. he pranced in...wait not pranced...waltzed? no that doesn't sound right either..well anyways he entered the room
his voice booming..okay maybe it wasn't that loud but he projected it so that every girl could hear him. i think we all looked up simultanteously. the peered around looking at his prospective [? no that doesnt read right..] prey and i felt myself staring.
now this boy he wasn't beautiful i wasn;t about to jump hsi boens or anything..maybe ti was the change of appearance..he wasnt the gross scragly males that surroundeded me any other day.
but i noticed him..so did other girls. a few pulled out their mirrors to make sure they looked just right, a few blew the guy off refusing to take notice to him while other strained their necks to peer around other students that were blocking their vision of this new figure that had come into our lives...well at least for now.

the line is getting longer i often get self concious when the librarians stroll behind and in front of me in fear that they will kick me off and send my on my way to waiti by my boring art history class in the cold harsh rain that in comparison to other parts of America isn't as bad but still...us CA's we don't liek this type of weather

plus i look like crap there's this guy and idk if he wants me off of the computer because there's two people ahead of him btu he keeps staring
its annoying
he's nto bad lookign but i cant stand people that stare
oh crap he;s waliking this way..i guess a computer freed up but i noticed when i looked up at him he wuickly turned his head ..sort of a panic..

ok so im obsessed with HEATHERS when will i meet my JD? my guy that would basically kill anyone taht pisses me off..
seriously okay so maybe he was a little extreme but you have to admit it's kinda bad ass..as insane as he is..still. i mean totally ficiticious i'm allowed to dream aren't i?

so io forgot to do the rest of my remarkable blogs..because well..i just ran out of time i wasn't necessarily near a fully charged computer so maybe i'll end it by tellingn you everything i got for my birthday..taht i can rememember oh crap this line is getting really long i'm starting to feel bad byut not bad enough to log off.

i'll leave at 1135...maybe yah

ok ok ok here goes:
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (book)
Photo Album
8G Purple iPod Nano
Husqvana Viking Sewing Machine EMERALD
a yellow baseball tee ( i already had one but maybe i'll do something with this one)
a green baseball tee
a black sweater/cardigan from EXPRESS
a book on Obama
Breaking Dawn (DVD)
a Camp Rock Activity Book
i apologize if i am missing anything.
i can't remember everything
i want my Twilight Bag from Kimberly.
i want to see it Nowwwwww

i can't believe we're leaving for San Diego in less than 24 hours!
natalia is going with us.
we're gonna alternate driving.,
i'm supposed to see ehr today but idk she's meeting michelle later idk theyre gonna see a movie..i read in one of her bulletins
i need to pack
thats why she's coming over...to help

you know?
or not
i think i'll have to come home friday and grab another bag for SF
i still don't know what i need.
i should make a list.
maybe that'll be another blog or something.
oh i had a dream someoen told me to make a to do list
so i was at my middle school
sitting in the entrance of the school sittingn at a desk liek those desks from middle school and there were peopel walkign by and i had my phone out liek i was blogging but i also had a paper and pencil
on the paper there was a line straight down the middle on the left it said todo list
the right had ramblings and htoguhts that popped into my head at random parts of the day
my number 1. was to
make drew stop talking abotu Tom Cruise so i can write a to-do list.

now i go t ahed of myself.
in my dream drew was there bitchign about Tom Cruise..of all people...
and i guess Tom had done somethign ridiculous and instead of waiting for the public to ridicule him, he took it upon himself to make fun of himself..you knwot he defense mechanisim we all use..well Drew...he thought it was stupid of Tom to do that.. he said "so what if peopel make fun of him"
i responded with a bitchy attitude an explanation taht seemed to satisfy his wondering mind..because i heard a faint "oh okay i guess.." and i responded with a "whatever now can i finish this to do list?"
but i noticed i kept writing i didnt check of the box next to Number 1 because well..lets face it...that conversation is bound to come up again..even if i dont tdream abotu it again i think that's just the way it is..
i;ll never finish anything
did i mention i didnt do a paper that was due today
i didn tread or anything
but i should turn it in next Tuesday it's liek the altest time i can turn it in without failing. lol


okay its 1130
well 1129
its stil too early to give this baby up.
the line isnt too bad.
i stopped paying attention i wonder if anyoen wil read this entire blog.. i'm sorry if you're still reading..you can stop

or you can keep reading in hopes that it actually gets inertesting
like maybe i say the name of the boy i've been tripping about lately
btu actually not lately
because in raelity i haven't been thinking about him excessivley..just...regularly..if that makes sense...
it probably doesn't
i'm hungry
bbut not really
i kinda want my art history class to be cancelled
i want to go home
i'm loosing sleep
but w/e
i need to pack
taht's mypriority

i can't believe i'm basically going to 3 classes this week.
i don't count psyc cause i was there for 10 mins and we got dimissed

ok ok
so idk if i'll make it to FASHION so Karli if youre reading..steal me some handout and teach me what we learn ok?
crap i've run otu of things to say...

i wonder if he'll text me today...
i haven't talked to him since my Birthday
he didn't even say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me
what an asshole.

where the fuck is my card?
i want it nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

k thx bai

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  1. omg, this was hard to read cuz there were a lot of typos cuz you were like tryna write helluh fast and i guess nervous cuz of the line. lol. that boy in the library soo wanted youuu!! lol. and ur dream is really confusing like i can't understand what happened in it.. lol.