Wednesday, February 4, 2009

it's been a hard days night

eight days til i turn twenty.
i've mentioned this on numerous occasions.
so why not mention on blogger?

okay so i have to is going pretty well.
complaining should be pushed least for a few days.

i want to be stress free.
i have lots of homework to do still but i won't let it bug me.

ow i just had a jolt of pain pierce my back. that was...

anyways...i'm tired. i slept a lot today.
hopefully i don't have work on friday..i'd like to sleep in.
or like be out late thursday..or not.
i'll probably just be home early.

i think i'll just start my fashion hw, and then i'll print out the stuff i need for history and i won't look at it but whatever. you know
i need to read that book. damnit.

i hate my bad skin.

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