Thursday, February 5, 2009

I swear to god, I won't stop until you're shakin'

i...haven't been to work since monday.
i'm not going in tomorrow.
so yay for a $10 paycheck.

i wish my camera took better photos.
or i wish people could take better photos with my camera
see this caption

i turn twenty in EXACTLY a week.

Hector asked why I hung out with a 17 year old.
I replied "you guys make me feel young..besides this isn't as bad..i talk to a 16 year old on MySpace" [ granted said 16 year old is in a band..not a famous one..a local one..but still..]

Yisel and I were supposed to make brownies next week/end.
But i don't think it's happening M or T. and idk if i work MW..and thursday is an obvious "no no" and so i was like "Saturday" and she's like "Valentine's Day." and i'm like "d'oh" so that's gonna be post poned.

Apparently somewhere in Twilight Kristen Steward calls him "robert" instead of Edward..i'll find that part..eventually.
I'm going to Tre for dinner..if anyone cares.
Guest list- family and/or friends that can make it...this is NOT a public MAY NOT brign Guests. lol..oh facebook.

i got a JUMBO slinky today
here see
neato huh? maybe not.

today was a good day.
aside from waking up late and rushing to school..forgetting my jacket and having to do yoga on a soaking wet mat...i had fun..ish.
history wasn't boring although i wasn't paying attention at all.
psychology was HILARIOUS.
and Art History..well i was bored..but not tired.

then i went home. and then i went back out to eat at BK LOUNGE..that was for you Drew..

and then we went to Wishing well..because he wanted a bracelet..but he didnt find the one he wanted so he got some purple one..i forgot what it said.
and he got those chinese finger trap thingys. he got like 5 because idk what it is about people and those things and their desire to trap every finger..but yeah.

then we went to target where i got my Jumbo slinky

and thne i went home.
and i logged on MySpace..finished a survey
did my homework [WOW!!]
and then ate some mac and cheese.

i've been online for..32 mins? i don't think so LAIM..*sigh*
i think my internet goes in and out wihtout me realizing it

btu yeah
more like a couple hrs.
this is ridiculous.

sleep well

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  1. i swear you already said that thing about hector and i thot i had read this already but then i kept reading and none of the rest was firmiliar and i hate how you say "he" and no one knows who the fuck you're talkin about. i might just stop reading this cuz it drives me crazy when you do that. ugh, srsly, just don't talk about him if you're not gonna say who it is.. lol