Sunday, February 8, 2009

dont'cha think? [REMARKABLE]

it's been brought to my attention that i repeat things..often...but not really because i already knew i did that.
i'm unbelievably tired.
i went to bed at like 2 or something..i shouldn't be tired but i am.
maybe it's because i'm inactive.
i LOVE how everyone knows...and no one knows at the same time.
high school musical is on. i love this song.
i want a profile song with meaning.
i don't want to be cheesy.
i want a balemtyme.
i feel like i'm hiding things from people.
but. not like anyone needs to know what i'm not saying.
and "it's not's just not telling the whole story"
my mom just got home.
i miss my camera.
i don't want to tend to my responsibilities.
i want chicken spicy chicken wings that aren't TOO spicy.
i like eating at hooters.
it's funny to watch the customers.
i'm always in a bad mood when i go there.
i want to watch Twilight again...i feel like once this week passes and the next begins..
i will be under much anxiety.
when i shouldn't be...
so leave wednesday like 11 AM ish
go to the show on Thursday [530 or 6] cause it starts at 7pm
then leave or sleep at Katie's and leave at like 6am
then get home
and unpack
and clean up
then leave for san fran.

so retarded
i need money
and i have none.
well i do.
but i can't afford everything.
i have issues with saving.
i wish i was a hermit.
and just stayed at home and did nothing.
except have work and go to school.
and then i could go out and spend money and then stay home.
i hate going out to places with people when they have money because i want to spend money i don't have or shouldn't be spending.
i like the company.
i'm such a loner.
even if i don't like someone or i know they'll piss me off i'll still go
because it beats being home and shit.


i feel like this is too long.