Sunday, February 8, 2009

i need six minutes with you

my friends....

fuck up everything.

ugh seriously.

today was a shitty day.
it didn't have to be.
everything any body has said to me within the past 24 hours has rubbed me the wrong way.

i overreact sometimes get over it.
no one will ever know everything about me..or all my secrets get over it.
i'm tired of being used...tired of letting people use me...and i'm tired of using people...a never ending cycle.

i'm basically out of a job. well not really. but there's nothing for me to do at the office so i have this whole week off..i think i mentioned that before..and like..ugh.

i hate how people think they know shit when they don''s like keep your damn mouth shut.

i hate how someone tells you something and you get really into it and then they just all of a sudden stop it..and i hate how i should know it will happen every time.

quit fucking lying. if you're not gonna tell me the truth keep your mouth shut.
i basically only ever want to see two people. two people that use me..but it's not like they're the only two.

my birthday better fucking top this shit. but it won't because i have a fuckign quiz that day.. i have papers due the next week that i haven't started and this is the gayest month ever.
fuck february i thought this was supposed to be good.

oh look i can be happy again

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  1. i'm glad you got over this gunk. i didn't even notice you posted this blog... sorry if i use you. i don't think i do but maybe i do.. :P