Sunday, February 1, 2009

unglue your lips from being together

made my shirt stinky.
my eyes hurt.
gives you hell is playin.
my head hurts.
alberto's was hella delish.
party 1 = lame because it was "three boys in the living room playin video games"
i met michelle. she's cool.
i made a flickr yesterday.
welll i always had one. but i think i'm going to start using it again.
yay for textual communication that did not result in a "fuck you" sort of attitude.
rather sucessful but maybe that's because he got time.

so i played beer pong but since i was driving..natalia drank for me.
michelle and i won. we beat jacob black...i think his real name was matt..not too sure. and some other dude..what that nick? idk.

but it was fun.
they got drunk.
drunk people are funny. and three girls int he bathroom at once with photoshoots and talking about boys when they're in the bathroom.

"are you stalking me?"


i'm glad i went out.

okay now i'm getting bugged.

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