Thursday, February 19, 2009

hot hot like a fire

oh me oh my tonight was amazing...even if cash cash is sitting down munchin on dennys an hour after we were there it's cool. im glad jean paul came when i called hims. i iwsh icouldve seenMike and compared our pants i miss him hes cute and tubby and i want to have all their babies but thats besside the point. i think drew is trying to fall asleepppp...speaking of drew he keeps carrrraaacking his toes its weeeiiird i'm like stooooooopppppppp ya know? as i type my phone is making wird noises...
but today was eventufl or last night w/e....
scavanger hunts
hide and seek
and wife in the bindergarten household is INTENSE
i dont want to leave tomorrow

apparently francisco wants to drive the whole way i call shot gun i have to be in the front the whole fing way but yah
my stomach was hurting i drove heklllaaa on wednesday
drew drove 2hrs but he drove the grapevien so ill give him that hahhah
ok i cant think of anything i'll probably flickr/photobucket the coollleection of photographs ive taken over the past couple days...sacramento then san francisco...i'm NEVER going to do my hw....damnit

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