Friday, February 20, 2009

don't hold back just let it go

yuck...i want to smells like burgers in the car. i feel nauseaus. my stomach hurts and its quiet in the car.
i admit i love that francisco is driving and he drove the whole way home beause i was tired of driving...but...its so boring being a passenger
all of my friends are basically my parents
natalia and francisco drive me home well francisco does and nati is like the mom cause shes always checkin up
drew and yisel cuz they push me around in carts...well that was once but enough
est time to drop off drew according to ethel/genie?: is now 638 cool..i'm tired after we all unload i'm going to dinner with my family.
then watching tv with my mom
then sleeping
then going to sf with Natalia
im excited

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