Sunday, March 1, 2009

It’s lucky I’m clever Cause if I didn’t know better I’d believe only that which I’d heard

dadnapped is on.
this movie is stupid.
i was watching Twilight but the television is on and i don't feel like putting on some headphones. My head hurts. I was being antisocial last night. People asked to hang out and i was like "no. sorry" i just wasn't in the mood. I have homework to do...but i'm BIG on procrastination. I watched some recorded videos from Friday's BlogTV and i was like soo dissapointed with what i found out. But it's okay. I need to move some posters around..maybe i'll do that today. Austrailian people are HILARIOUS. the tv is distracting me..I don't like how people tell me things i don't care about..not that they should know what i don't care to hear about.. i mean we're friends..aren't i supposed to find things my friends say at least a little interesting? I want to see the Jonas movie again. I realize i "tweet" a lot. Yum my mom is making lunch. Aaron is playing with the wii mote gun laser thingy. Oh speaking of that kid.. aaron and i watched Twilight last night. He was asking SO MANY questions and he asked if Jacob was a vampire..i said "no!" and then he said "is he a werewolf?" and i said "how'd you know?!" and he said "i dunno!"
funny things he said popped up randomly throughout the edward being pepperspray...
my family buys a lot of sweets...
i realized that.
i want my Twilight DVD..oh apparently TARGET has a 3 disc package available for pre-order..i think it's 3 anyways maybe it's 2 but either way...go on and look it up yourself.

i wanna marry him.

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  1. I know I want to marry him too, but becaue of his music....Swoon!!